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Letter to unstick. Sample letter to unstick for customs.


If you want to customs clearance in a different region of Ukraine, should be formalized agreement between the Customs. Ie Kiev regional customs allow for customs clearance of your goods for example in the Odessa route, and she, in turn, agrees to such registration.


To reconcile such a procedure of customs brokers in our company are letter-undock with the necessary supporting documents, and sign him at the leadership of the Kiev regional customs.

Required documents:

Foreign economic contract 2 copies
Appendix 2 copies of the contract
Registration card 2 copies
Help on the declaration of currency values ??2 copies
A document confirming the usefulness of customs clearance in other regions (Inner contract of sale or rental of warehouses).
Approval documents - if necessary by the code UKTVED.
Download a sample letter to unstick the customs of the page.