ARES ltd.

Export from Ukraine

 Export from Ukraine. Required documents:


Service agreement on declaring

From you:

Payment order (acc 37349210000026 MFO 820019, OKPO 00137331 UDK in m. Kiev. Recipient - Kiїv regіonal customs. payment - customs payments. Without VAT)
Payment order for the terminal
Documents that confirm the value of the goods (overhead procurement of goods, costing in the free form
The originals of the invoice - 5.
Certificate of origin (CT-1, if manufactured in Ukraine) - 2 pcs.
Contract + 1 copy:
Addendum to the contract + 1 copy
Accreditation card + 1 copy
Help on the declaration of currency values ??+ 1 copy
From the carrier:

The TIR Carnet
Waybill CMR - 7units.
Driver passport + 1 copy
Certificate for the right international traffic + 1 copy
Vehicle registration + 1 copy