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Customs clearance costs in Ukraine. Prices for customs brokerage services.

The prices of basic customs clearance services. For more information you can find out by contacting us via the feedback form, or call +38 (093) 3297760.

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№ n \ n Customs Brokerage Services Cost, UAH.
1. Creating documents

 The main sheet (MD-2), (DD)     128,00

Additional sheet (MD-3), (MD-6), (PP)    90,00

Declaration of customs value (UHF)    127,00

2. Customs
Cargo customs declaration (WMD)   1094,00

Pre-Post (PP)   193,00

Preliminary Declaration (PD)  327,00

Declaration of customs value (UHF)   259,00

3. Additional services

Accreditation (reaccreditation)  835.00 (380.00)

Clearance value of up to 100 EUR  690,00

Filling CARNET TIR, CMR ...   152,00

Drafting and signing of the detachment  1010,00

Sosotavlenie and signing letters, agreements, invoices   383,00

 Onsite  86,00

ID inspection  383,00

The sanitary and epidemiological control  297.00

Environmental control  297.00

Control of DC "Ukrekokomresurs"   173,00

Weekend work (as agreed)  +50%

Calling the inspector for handling the warehouse   218,00

Evaluation of Plant Quarantine (the Company's payment system ARES)  101,00

Control of Plant Quarantine (customer payment system)  70,00

Registration Help UkrCSM   304,00

Definition of the code in the Chamber of Commerce   304,00

Product Licensing   1,000.00

Checkout SES  8356,00

Certification of products  1,000.00

Passage of nomenclature in the MCT   511,00

Passage of the customs value in the MCT  511,00

Prices are in UAH excluding value added tax.