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Customs Accreditation

Customs Accreditation.

Customs Accreditation - it's first acquaintance with the customs authorities of the enterprise. Be registered with the customs authority, shall be accredited, each company or entrepreneur wishing to start in foreign trade.

The accreditation process can take yourself, or refer to our Company. The procedure involves the preparation and submission to the customs 'pack' company registration documents and filling out a special form, "accreditation card", which introduced the most complete information about the company.

Phased professional advice of our experts will greatly facilitate this test for you.

Accreditation. Required documents:
1. Letter of request to take account of the Kyiv Regional Customs (arbitrary shape, firm. OKPO, in connection with the beginning of foreign economic activity, please take into account (№ cargo department), before accreditation is not done. (Can be made by the customs broker) .

2. Information message about the presence or absence of foreign investment. (Can be made by the customs broker)

3. Articles of Association (original + certified copy)

4. Certificate of state registration of a new sample of 2006 (on a blue background) (+ original notarized copy)

5. A certificate from the Bureau of Statistics (original + copy of the notarized)

6. Order on appointment of directors (the original) and the protocol of the founders of the (original + copy). In the case where the director of Kiev's no registration, specify the actual address of residence.
If a director is a foreigner - a work permit in Ukraine, ordered the temporary appointment of acting director, financial and legal responsibility of the employee firm with Kyiv residence.

7. Orders for the company to appoint an accountant and responsible individuals to work with Customs. Specify: name, surname, signature, telephone number, passport number, place of registration, with orders to study. (Can be made by the customs broker)

8. VAT payer certificate or certificate of single tax payer (original + copy). Address the tax, with the index and phone number, the tax code.

9. A certificate from the bank on account opening (the original, which remains on the route). In a separate paper for the broker provide the full address of the bank with an index.

10. The lease or sale (certificate of ownership "of the owner or the person who leases, stamped lessor) space (original + copy). If the term of the lease exceeds 3 years - requires a notarized copy.

WARNING! The actual address in the housing stock is limited to natural persons - entrepreneurs! Legal persons must provide a lease agreement in non-residential fund. If in the lease premises passed an act priyoma-transmission - should his presence.

11. Originals and photocopies of passports directors, accountants and those responsible for working with customs.

12. Three of the original registration card - formed by the broker.

13. Help about registering a taxpayer (4opp)

14. Service agreement on declaring

Folder "Crown" extensive.

Enter the phone number that will appear on your card.

Take advantage of our services. With our accreditation process at customs will be much simpler and easier.